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Deepfakes, AI, a bad actor and scammer's delight? What can you do to protect yourself.

"Someone recently called me from a mobile number, pretending to be a bank that needed my PIN details to clear a ‘stuck’ transaction. A quick visit to ScamShield’s WhatsApp bot, and I found out that this was indeed a new scam number, so the more reports against it, the quicker it will be blocked.

The fact that we still receive phishing calls and messages shows that these dated methods still work. According to the Singapore Police Force, Singaporeans lost $651.8 million in 2023 to 46,563 recorded scam cases, a 46% increase from 2023.

What you can do to protect yourself

We asked Shane Chiang, CEO of Cybersecurity firm Momentum Z, for his advice on how we can take to protect ourselves and our families. Shane pointed out that Deepfake scammers use a variety of platforms to deliver their scams to potential victims. “Understanding the threat, the types of actor/scammer, and the common techniques and tactics that they use will allow us to be more aware and better identify a scam,” said Shane. 

“The key to protecting yourself is to always Be Aware and Check for the real source.” - Shane Chiang

“Be aware of the dangers of deepfakes, that they can be used to damage someone’s reputation, spread misinformation, or even interfere with elections,” said Shane. “You should be sceptical of anything you see online, especially if it seems too good to be true.”

“Singapore’s Prime Minister promoting a product that does not make sense in everyday context should raise your warning flags.”- Shane Chiang

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