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Rethink Your Cyber Strategy;
Ready Your Cyber Posture.

Data is Your Crown Jewel

Protect Your Peace

As part of your business, what is the most critical thing you need to protect in your organization? Do you need more firewalls, anti-virus software and cybersecurity products? How do you minimise complexity and time while optimising budget? 

It is time to rethink your cybersecurity strategy. Retailers and eCommerce companies must adapt different strategies, depending on the type of business they run. You need to customise it based on your organisational needs and requirements. 

We will be able to assist you in your requirements since we are cybersecurity strategists, practitioners, and advisory experts in this field.

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Incidents Hurt, Safety Doesn't

As a customers facing more Data Privacy regulations, existing solutions (such as DLP and Data Privacy solutions) do not work well for SME customers. They are hard to deploy, configure and maintain – and most are beyond the budgets of the SMEs.


Momentum Z’s main task is to help automate the process of conducting data-centric risk assessments, automated risk reduction and providing simple workflow controls. Providing Data Risk Advisory, as no company can prevent a breach, you can prevent your data from being used by malicious hackers.

Momentum Z works with leading technology companies to help deliver data privacy technology to customers. Email us today to regain control of their information.

Benefits of Data Privacy Protection 


Transparent Data Risk Discovery with little-to-no training or installation hassle.


Manage privacy controls from a centralised and easy-to-use dashboard across your organisation's networks. 


Have a breakdown of your data risk mapped with monetary loss in the event of a breach.


Work with Data Privacy experts who are available for support for every step of the way.


Have a view of the entire organization's risk level and be able to mitigate those risk visually at a global level. 


Save time with the right budget by solving the problem at the source. 

Product highlights 


360 Cybersecurity starts with a baseline 360 data risk assessment, this reveals the vulnerabilities and gaps that need to be addressed throughout the entire network and data points. 

Partner with MZT if you are facing Data Privacy regulations challenges among other things.


We help to automate the process of conducting data-centric risk assessment with data advisory. 

Internal & External Vulnerability Scans

This reveals exploits and holes in the perimeter and systems that make it possible for hackers to access your network.

Dark Web Threat Intelligence & Scan

Our search capabilities extend to the dark web to identify any stolen credentials on the illegal black market sites as well as private and forums. 

Data Scan


We explore files to uncover sensitive PII, ePHI data that can be potentially compromised 

Primary Vendor Discovery


We observe how your organization works with your top 10 vendors to ensure data protection is activated by the resources you trust the most.

Vulnerability & Network Asset Scans

Take a look at your systems, APPs, hardware, software, and data to get a full picture of the vulnerabilities. Based on OWASP

Control Framework

Develop a structure to organize your security and compliance, be trained so that every team member and departments are on the same page. 

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