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We want to help companies tailor the most cost-effective solutions to their cybersecurity needs. Using solutions that would help you to design your cyber architecture and providing solutions to the company needs.  

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Infrastructure IT, operating systems, services and applications penetration test is recommended for an organization to review them. This service helps you to identify flaws and gaps that may impact your organization, it allows you to mitigate these issues and to overcome them. 

Threat Intelligence - Dark Web Web 

Deep and Dark Web Threat Intelligence Platform is a cyber intelligence platform that analyzes Dark Web activity undetectably and autonomously. The platform has the ability to detect cyber attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web, and eliminate them before they occur. Our platform also provides clients with this information through prioritized real-time alerts.

Privacy Data Protection 

We believe that data and privacy regulations are facing tremendous, ever-growing risk due to data that leaves trusted Cloud repositories as part of the organization’s standard business processes. Our truly simple “set-it-and-forget-it” solution, which is based on patent-pending technology, is designed to help organizations of all sizes and at any expertise, level to eliminate this risk. It is a solution for SMB, SME and MNCs. 

Momentum Z's Data Protection Privacy solution is purposely built to help small organizations comply with data privacy regulations by easily producing risk assessment reports, automatically reducing data risks using transparent encryption and controlling risky data flows. A small footprint agent and cloud management dashboard or provides end-to-end data privacy

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Risk Assessment  

Until now, complying with data privacy regulations was complicated for SMB, SME, and even MNCs. Regulations such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR require businesses to conduct periodic risk assessments, control unacceptable risks and demonstrate compliance. Supporting businesses in their risk assessment directly into the endpoint. This helps to pull up any privacy-related information to the surface so that businesses can do business worry-free. 

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Technology leadership is hard to come by, with our unique tailored solution. vCISO provides you with world-class expertise to support your CIO, CISO or if you are without one, we become your vCISO. We also offer you high-end solutions where we become your company's CISO, a dedicated member of your senior staff reporting to the executive leadership. 

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