About Us


We are your partner to provide you with the best security and compliances services  

Our Mission  

Provide managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers with security and compliance services that meet an organization's regulatory obligations.  We help safeguard all customers by quickly identifying vulnerabilities and providing pro-active solutions to protect customers from security threats.

Who Are We

Momentum Z is a specialized organization focused on security and compliance. As we start a new decade, from  2020 and beyond, we will see more connected devices, products, and services than ever before. The founders of Momentum Z wanted to provide quick and painless solutions that would prevent and stop even the most sophisticated types of attacks. Taking an innovative approach to bring peace of mind to Small Medium Enterprises and Multi-National Corporations to operate on a daily basis without concerns about their security. We offer solutions that are customized to meet the needs of our MSP partners and customers.

We want to journey with your organizations to create momentum in good security posturing, we are your partner, to give you peace of mind as you serve your customers.