About Us

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we take care of your cybersecurity
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Our Mission  

Ensure an organization's regulatory obligations are met by managing service and compliance.  By identifying vulnerabilities quickly and providing proactive solutions, we help our customers be protected from security threats.

Who Are We

Momentum Z is a company that specializes in security and compliance. In the next decade, digital transformation will leave companies close the gap and introduce business into the next connected era.  Momentum Z offers simplified cybersecurity services and solutions. Protecting the business integrity gap, by implementing governance, practical solutions that can stop the most sophisticated types of attacks. By taking an innovative approach, we make sure that Small Medium Enterprises and Multi-National Corporations are able to operate without concern about their cyber security on a daily basis, where our clients accelerate and digitally transform., with a peace of mind.

We want to journey with your organizations to create momentum in good cyber security posturing, we are your partner, to give you peace of mind as you serve your customers.

Who Are We? 

Shane Chiang 

Co-Founder & CEO

Shane, as Co-Founder and CEO, is responsible for Momentum Z's overall business strategy. As an investorprueur, Shane always looks for the best solutions for end customers.  He is a director at ZME, a defense company that serves government projects. With security in mind, he founded Momentum Z, positioning it as your cybersecurity partner. 

As a business mentor, Shane helps mid-stage startups with hyper growth and funding, as well as serving on the Singapore Cancer Society. 

In past global and regional roles at MNCs, he has helped lead regional business has grown to over US$1.2Bn 
Former positions include CEO cybersecurity startup, CMO HMD Global for Nokia Mobile, VP Cities and CMO at honestbee, Head of Marketing Communications at HTC Corporation, and EVP of OEM Electric Manufacturing based in China. 

Matthias Yeo

Co-Founder & COO

Matthias is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Momentum Z, a Cyber security firm in Singapore. He founded the company in 2019 focusing on cyber security advisory such as Red Teaming and CISO as a service.

He is a veteran in Cyber security and has over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and Technology Leadership. He is presenting serving as an independent board of Director\Member in multiple Organisations and as a Technology Advisory in Tech Strait, an investment arm into technology space.

Prior to founding Momentum Z, Matthias has held several high-profile roles. His background was from a Government Research Team in Cyber Security, and was formerly the CTO of Symantec APAC, and CTO of Blue Coat APAC. He also previously served as the President of ISC2 (Singapore Chapter).