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Building Business Momentum with Cybersecurity.

Consistently safeguard your company against the evolution of cyber threats.

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Momentum Z takes a long-term holistic approach to cybersecurity

We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that are applied across your entire security landscape.

Comprehensive, transformative, and fully customisable; like building blocks, we tailor each package for your every need, ensuring a cost-effective cybersecurity, data protection, certification, vCISO and many more other measure for the long run.

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Security Training Conducted


Completed M.A. Security Testing


Systems Protected


Our key offering: Momentum Z's CISO-as-a-Service is an end-to-end security leadership and execution solution. A flexible resourcing model that helps achieve your security goals and compliance objectives at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CISO working along side your c-suite and management teams. 

Find out more about our corporate services and packages available to organisations of all sizes.

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From pharmaceutical to transportation, manufacturing to energy; we provide an advanced industry standard solution with integrated defence capabilities for your every cybersecurity need.


Find out more about how we analyse and protect your Network, Servers, HMI, PLCs and RTUs–simultaneously.

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Banking, Finance & Investment
Government & Military
Industrial & Manufacturing
Medical Institutions
Non-Profit Organisations
E-Commerce & Lifestyle

Industries We've Served

Taking pride in keeping businesses free from the worries of cyber threats, Momentum Z has served organisations of all sizes and industries in their need for long term cybersecurity fortification.


Our role as your cybersecurity partner is to work alongside your C-Level and management team to review the overall cybersecurity landscape in correlation to your business and digital transformation efforts.


We focusing on People, Process and Technology—all in a cost effective way for the long run.

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