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Navigating and preventing Supply Chain Attack for Small Medium Enterprises

In the second quarter of 2023, the global cybersecurity landscape underwent a significant shift, with a notable rise in supply chain risk. This development was primarily driven by the CLOP ransomware gang's exploitation of the MOVEit transfer vulnerability and a surge in email compromise attacks. These trends paint a concerning picture for businesses worldwide, including those in Singapore, and underscore the importance of robust cybersecurity strategies​​​​.

"Since May, mass exploitation of a vulnerability in the widely-used file transfer software MOVEit has allowed cybercriminals to steal data from a dizzying array of businesses and governments, including Shell, British Airways, and the United States Department of Energy. Progress Software, which owns MOVEit, patched the flaw at the end of May, and broad adoption of the fix ultimately halted the rampage. But the “Clop” data extortion gang had already orchestrated a far-reaching smash and grab. And months later, the full extent of the damage is still coming into view."


The Evolving Threat Landscape

  1. Sophisticated Attack Methods: Attackers are increasingly bypassing common security controls such as multi-factor authentication, exploiting third-party relationships, and trusted connections to infiltrate organizations.

  2. Targeted Sectors: Financial services, healthcare, and technology were among the most targeted sectors, with the CLOP ransomware group notably impacting small to mid-sized regional banks. This highlights the interconnected nature of today's digital ecosystem and how vulnerabilities in one area can ripple through the supply chain​​​​.

Singapore’s Response through CSA and IMDA Initiatives

In response to these escalating threats, Singapore has implemented several initiatives to bolster its cybersecurity posture:

  1. CSA Cyber Safe Program: Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) program, aimed primarily at SMEs with limited IT and cybersecurity resources, the Cyber Essentials (CE) mark offers a certification that guides organizations in prioritizing cybersecurity measures against common cyber-attacks. This program is crucial for businesses starting their cybersecurity journey, providing a tailored approach to cyber hygiene and recognition for good practices​​. For larger SMEs and Enterprises, there is the Cyber Trust Mark (CTM) with a deeper cybersecurity IT focus, governance and compliance.

  2. IMDA Data Protection Program: Spearheaded by Infocomm Media and Development Authority (IMDA), Data Protection Essentials (DPE) to help your business implement basic data protection and security protection and security practices through a one-stop progressional service. Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) a certification to demonstrate businesses are accountable for data protection practices through a robust third-party assessment.

Recommendations for Businesses in Singapore

Given the dynamic nature of the threat landscape, Singaporean businesses need to be proactive and adaptive in their cybersecurity strategies. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Regularly Update Security Protocols: With attackers continuously evolving their tactics, businesses must regularly review and update their cybersecurity approaches, including leveraging updated security technologies and techniques.

  2. Enhance Third-Party Risk Management: Given the rise in supply chain risks, it's vital for businesses to scrutinize the security measures of their partners and suppliers.

  3. Invest in Cybersecurity Training: Utilizing initiatives and framework, companies should invest in training their IT staff in cybersecurity to build a resilient workforce.

  4. Seek Proactive Support: Partnering with trusted security experts can provide businesses with the support needed to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.


The recent surge in supply chain cyber-attacks globally, including the prominent CLOP ransomware activities, has brought to light the critical need for comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. Singapore, through its CSA Cyber Essentials program and IMDA initiatives, offers a robust framework for businesses to strengthen their defenses. As cyber threats evolve, the emphasis on continuous learning, adaptation, and collaboration with trusted partners remains key to safeguarding Singapore's digital economy.

Momentum Z is an appointed provider for the Cyber Safe certification program and IMDA's data protection program, email to to enquire more about the grants available for SMEs.

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