Why do a Red Team Exercise? 

Red Teaming is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well a company’s people and networks, applications and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary


It is done by Independent security teams to test how well an organization would fare in the face of a real attack.

A thorough red team test will expose vulnerabilities and risks regarding:

  • Technology — E.g. Networks, applications, routers, switches, appliances.

  • People — E.g. Staff, independent contractors, departments, business partners.

  • Physical — E.g. Offices, warehouses, substations, data centers, buildings.

After Action Report

Findings presented to management on:​

  • Presentation to Senior Management / C-Suite:

    • Data Accessed and their criticality​

    • System compromised​

    • Credentials extracted​

  • Value of information ​

  • Damages to organization in terms of reputation and monetary​

  • Controls to be implemented




Image by Kevin Ku